French Bulldog Breeders in Florida

We are French Bulldog Breeders who love our dogsWe are AKC French Bulldog breeders located in the beautiful state of Florida. We are located in a very rural area in the small town of Hawthorne, FL. Our location is very convenient – just a couple of hours away from our neighbors in the cities of Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, and Miami. We are a hop, skip, and a jump away from Ocala and Gainesville, FL. Hawthorne is in the Central region of Florida, so we are also very close to our neighbors in the state of GA.

French Bulldog BreedersWe share our home with some of the most adorable French Bulldog puppies in Florida! With Frenchies in the home, we rarely have any dull moments. Our Frenchies are a happy, loving and kind, and not to mention super cute and snorty little bundles of joy. We are absolutely in love with our babies. When we do have French Bulldog puppies for sale, it is very difficult to not want to keep them all for ourselves. But being French Bulldog breeders, we know that our puppies will have a special place in the hearts of other families. They will be in homes where they will be the adorable, spunky, loving companions that they were created to be. No home is complete without a delightful little wigglebutt to spoil. As French Bulldog breeders, we hope to establish good relationships with our puppy owners that begin at the sale, not relationships that end at the sale!

Reputable Frenchie Breeders

Each beautiful Frenchie puppy produced at Coyote Frenchies is backed by us for life. If at anytime a family can no loner keep their Frenchie for any reason (we understand things happen even in loving, stable homes), a shelter is never an option. Our puppies and dogs will always welcome back to our home, temporarily or forever. This is our responsibility as French Bulldog breeders to be sure that our dogs are never homeless, always spoiled, and never get to see the inside of the pound. Additionally, we are not just French Bulldog breeders! We do rescue French Bulldog puppies and Frenchie adults. If you can no longer keep your pet for any reason, please reach out to us. We will find your companion a loving and stable “furever” home (or they can stay in our home with our Frenchie crew!).

French Bulldog Puppies

French Bulldog PuppiesOur Frenchie puppies will leave to their new home between 8-10 weeks of age. They will be vaccinated and microchipped, with a vet performed health exam and vet endorsed health certification that confirms them as healthy, free of external and internal parasites, with good overall health and well-being, with no injuries or illnesses. No Frenchie breeder should have you pay extra for a health certification or vaccines, as this is a mandatory requirement for any breeder or individual who is selling a puppy. “Rehoming fees” and “adoption fees” are considered a “sale,” unless done so by a registered 510(c) not-for-profit organization such as a reputable rescue or no kill shelter. Do not fall for the puppy mills and BYBs on Craigslist or Hoobly that sell puppies unvaccinated with no vet health certification with cheap “adoption” and “rehoming” fees. This is an illegal practice that many backyard breeders engage in. You will end up purchasing a puppy that becomes critically or fatally ill hours or days later, or purchase a French Bulldog puppy with so many health issues that it may not be humane to keep them alive (so sad!!). Please do your research when inquiring on French Bulldog puppies for sale. Reputable Frenchie breeders such as ourselves offer health guarantees with our puppies. In the end, we want our puppies owners happy with a puppy they can cuddle and spoil the majority of the time – not a puppy that has become a walking vet bill the majority of their life!

Questions For Your French Bulldog Breeders?

We are here to answer all of your inquiries. Please feel free to contact us, even if you feel its a silly question. It is important to ask questions, and have a French Bulldog breeder who is willing to answer your questions. With that being said, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) for anyone thinking of purchasing a French Bulldog puppy. Please feel free to visit our FAQs Page, and if your question is not answered, by all means please Contact us!

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